Little Children and Already Acting Mean

Children still in kindergarten or even younger form cliques and intentionally exclude others, say psychologists and educators who are increasingly noticing the behavior and taking steps to curb it. Special programs are popping up in elementary

New Experimental Heatmaps added

Today, we are highlighting three more tools to allow visitors to utilize everything my partners have given me access to.The first, is from Dr. Jerry Zhu of the University of Wisconsin. The work that Dr. Zhu is doing and continues to do on this

Bullying Sonar

We hear so much and might get a very small view of what is happening in and around any one news story about bullying.  Today, we have a special update to our site with the help of Nova Spivack and his Bottlenose team.  Nova has allowed us to use

Letter From John Cornyn

“Special thanks to Senator John Cornyn from Texas. I’m especially grateful as Senator Cornyn was a previous Attorney General and understands . Best of luck Senator this 2014 !” Click Here To Read The Letter from John Cornyn.