Cyber-bullying is real time harassment!

Rebecca Sedwick from Florida committed suicide as she was bullied by her 15+ gang-up friends over the internet for over a year!

Rebecca was 12 and she was harassed online. She is dead now. She killed herself by jumping off a cement factory tower. It’s sad. It’s eye-opening too!

Digital form ofharassment aka cyber-bullyingtakes place all the time. It’s mild at timesbutit can get serious like it did in Rebecca’s casethat ran amok for over a year!I feel horrible about this and I am sure her folks must be feeling terrible. RIP, Rebecca!

The Associated Press found more than 12 suicides cases in the U.S. since October 2010 whichwere tracked to cyber bullying on Facebook, Social Media and online chats. All I say is that “Help is right around the corner.And there is nothing like turning the cards on someone who tries to bully you.Good things come with patience (patience not for tolerating bullying, but as in patience and faith in you!); smartnessis seeking help duringtough times. If your friends turn their backs, do not worry! There is always an adult available in school. You can also confide in the local authorities. They will get your story across the school and if nothing else, it will stop a lot of things by just speaking about theharassment you are facing with the right person.

Florida has anti-bullying laws. The punishment for bullying however (as I understand) thoughlies with the school and not the police. Cyber-bullying is a very real threat.  Social media is a part of a teenager’s world—they go online for assignments, chat, fbto share. I feel cyber policing is something each school should include as a policy for overlooking any bullying trends in their school teenagers.

Share your story with me. Get help!


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My name is Viraj Puri. I am an Indian American. I am 13 years old and I have created a teen blog for bully prevention. You can learn a lot about bullying on my Bully Facts page.

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  1. it not go to bully other people
    people need to stop
    it hurt other people feeling

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