New Experimental Heatmaps added

Today, we are highlighting three more tools to allow visitors to utilize everything my partners have given me access to.The first, is from Dr. Jerry Zhu of the University of Wisconsin. The work that Dr. Zhu is doing and continues to do on this subject is enlightening. Pay particular attention to the several papers he has done of the subject of bullying ( The world would be hard pressed to find another professor who has done as much as Dr. Zhu has ! The second is from the friends of Kalev Leetaru and requires no input on your part as it will automatically find and map where bullying is strongest in the US. Lastly, there is Nova Spivack’s Bottlenose which he has allowed us access to on the subject of bullying . The takeaway from the addition of these maps to this site is that these professionals CAN make the mapping of bullying work. Thanks to all these great men and for allowing Bullyvention to use their resources to measure, track and map out bullying !!!

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My name is Viraj Puri. I am an Indian American. I am 13 years old and I have created a teen blog for bully prevention. You can learn a lot about bullying on my Bully Facts page.

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